"Rubbing his hand on his trouser seam, Ivan Xav said plaintively. 'Is asking Who can I kill for you? usually how people say I love you in Jacksonian?'
'No, just Dada,' Tej sighed. 'Though the Baronne is more dangerous—she might not ask.'
―Ivan's opinion of Shiv Arqua[src]

Baron Shiv Arqua was father of the Arqua ghem Estif siblings, and the titular head of Jacksonian House Cordonah, in partnership with his wife, Baronne Udine ghem Estif Arqua. He was medium height, stocky build, with 'rich, deep mahogany skin.' In his earlier days, he served as a ship captain for the Selby Fleet and was described as a 'somewhat eccentric sometime-smuggler and hijacker', who actually met Udine and her mother when transporting them from Komarr during the Barrayaran invasion.


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