"This Dr. Leiber had acquired his Ph.D. at the unprecocious age of twenty-eight, and gone directly into employment with NewEgypt for the four years subsequently. His thesis, which Miles had read—well, skimmed—had focused on improvements in cryonics fluids, which, given that a consortium of cryocorps had funded his scholarship, seemed perfectly reasonable."
―Leiber's history[src]

Dr. Seiichiro Leiber had been a cryo-preservatives biochemist for the Kibou-daini cryocorp, NewEgypt, for about four years when he discovered that a great many people in the care of the cryocorps were not revivable because of defective cryofluids.

He quickly discovered that his company's main use for this information was to unload all their patrons who had this problem onto other cryocorps so that the problem would be someone else's rather than their own. Frustrated, he sought out an cryo-rights activist group headed by Lisa Sato in hopes that they could force change by publicizing their knowledge. Instead, the members of the group were arrested, some were killed, and Lisa Sato was cryo-preserved on the grounds that she was insane.

For a year and a half, he kept her chamber in the basement of his home, having secretly swapped her body with another woman's. When Miles Vorkosigan showed up asking questions, he tried to flee the planet. Miles collected her chamber and eventually collected him as well. She was revived, he was declared the hero of a rather fictitious version of the events of her rescue, and Miles left the planet in the capable hands of his brother Mark, who had plans for them all.


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