"The man [the bodyguard] guarded was also young -- some great lord's son? Miles wondered. He had long shining black hair dressed in an elaborate braid, smooth dark olive skin, and a high-bridged nose. He couldn't be older than Miles's real age, yet he moved with a mature assurance."
―Miles Vorkosigan's first sight of Ry Ryoval[src]

Ry Rvoyal was the Baron in charge of House Ryoval, a Major House on Jackson's Whole. He inherited the House from his father, who'd created the House approximately 70 years BMVK. By the time Miles Vorkosigan visited the planet in his early twenties, Ry Ryoval had received a successful clone-brain transplant; as a result, he appeared to be a young man.

Personality and traitsEdit

"About this time the old Baron Ryoval died, not too mysteriously, during an early attempt at a brain transplant. I say not too mysteriously because of the character his son and successor, the present Baron Ryoval, immediately revealed. His first project was to get rid of all his potential sibling-rivals. The old man had sired a lot of children. Ryoval's early career is something of a Jacksonian legend. The eldest and most dangerous males, he simply had assassinated. The females and some of the younger males he sent to his body-modification laboratories, and thence to his very-private bordellos, to service the customers on that side of the business. I suppose they're all dead by now. If they're lucky."
―Mark Vorkosigan, discussing Ry Ryoval's history[src]
Ry Ryoval was famous for nasty dealings and ruthlessness well over and above the norm for his planet. The Vorkosigans had a knack for pissing off Ryoval, and vice-versa. In "Labyrinth", Ry Ryoval made the very serious mistake of taking on Admiral Naismith; this resulted in the total loss of his main collection of gene samples. Ryoval's attempts at revenge at first took the form of annual assassins sent to kill the Admiral; in the end, some five or six years later, Ryoval succeeded in kidnapping the other Vorkosigan brother and tried to take his revenge out of Mark's skin. This resulted in his death at the hands - and feet - of the Vorkosigan trained as a 'deep cover mole and assassin.'


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