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"He watched her in return, blinking away the distortions of the ointment. She had straight, silky black hair, bound in a knot—more of a wad, actually—on the back of her head. A few fine strands escaped to float around her face. Golden skin. Brown eyes with a hint of an epicanthic fold. Stubby, stubborn black lashes. The bridge of her nose was coolly arched. A pleasant, original face, not surgically altered to a mathematically perfect beauty, but enlivened by an alert tension. Not an empty face. Somebody interesting was in there. But not, alas, somebody familiar."
―Miles sees Rowan for the first time[src]
Dr durona by airin ater-d8m9mpx

Dr Durona by airin-ater

Rowan Durona, one of the younger doctors of the Durona Group, was a specialist in cryorevival surgery.

While she was living on Jackson's Whole with the group, she was sent to Escobar for training in cryorevival technique at the Beauchene Life Center; there she met Norwood of the Dendarii Free Mercenary Fleet and had a friendlly relationship with him.

Some time later, the Dendarii took part in a raid on House Bharaputra's clone crèche, led by Miles Vorkosigan. When he was killed during the raid, he was placed in a cryochamber. Norwood had the job of escorting the chamber back to the Dendarii ship, but was cut off. He did, however, have access to a commercial shipping center, so he shipped the cryochamber to Rowan, who revived Miles.

She and Miles developed a close relationship, but she would not agree to marry him or to go to Barrayar - on the first part, she stated that his hyperactivity and domineering nature would drive her crazy, and on the second part she asked why she would want to be a subject when she could be a citizen. Instead, she and her clone-family moved to Escobar and set up a medical research center there.

Over time, she became head of their Cryonics department and married an Escobaran medtech. They had at least two children.


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