"The Rond were one of the mid-grade Cetagandan Constellations, though that was like saying ‘one of the mid-grade billionaires.’"
―Ivan's thoughts on the Rond[src]

The Rond were a haut Constellation of the Cetagandan Empire, though something of a junior group that was seeking advancement. During the time period covered in Cetaganda, the haut governor of Rho Ceta, Este Rond, was a member of the genetic group, though his replacement by the time of Diplomatic Immunity was a Degtiar (presumably, the former haut governor was quietly retired following the events of Cetaganda). 

Considering that both Este Rond and Moira ghem Estif were both Ronds and were either from or associated with Rho Ceta, it is possible that the Rond constellation is primarily based there.

Present and former members of the RondEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

The author has stated that the Rond Constellation is probably associated with Rho Ceta, see 096619.html.


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