"But to get the right answer, one must first correctly frame the question. I want—humph!—a mathematical physicist specializing in five-space theory. Probably Dr. Riva, she's at the University of Solstice ... she thinks sideways better than any of the other five-space people I know."
―Professor Vorthys' opinion of Dr. Riva[src]

Dr. Riva was a Komarran five-space physicist from the University of Solstice who was widely regarded as the Barrayaran Empire's top five-space expert. She was described as a thin and intense person, with olive skin and bright black eyes, who smiled readily.

She'd been a child during the Komarran Revolt; when she realized that the conspirators from the soletta accident had been trying to create a wormhole collapser for the purpose of cutting Barrayar off from Komarr, she was sufficiently conflicted in her wishes that she stopped cooperating with Miles Vorkosigan and Professor Vorthys's investigation.

Miles Vorkosigan regained her cooperation by means of a short fast-penta interrogation which brought her thoughts on the matter to the surface.


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