"A black tank top and loose trousers did not hide lapis lazuli-blue skin shot with metallic gold veins, platinum blond pelt of hair, pointed blue ears framing the fine skull and jaw—to Tej, who had known her companion and odd-sister for her whole life, she was just Rish, but there were good reasons she’d kept to the flat, out of sight, ever since they’d come to Komarr."
―Ivan meets Rish[src]

Rish, stage name Lapis Lazuli, was a daughter of Baronne Udine ghem Estif Arqua of the Jacksonian House Cordonah. Heavily genetically engineered but based in large part on the Baronne's own DNA, she was bright blue with gold veins. She featured prominently in the novel Captain Vorpatril's Alliance.

Rish and the Baronne's other Jewels were performance artists, specializing in dance and human sculpture. Rish did not feel entirely complete when separated from the rest of the group. The Jewels were significantly stronger than natural humans and had very keen senses, particularly smell and hearing. As such, they had the ability to detect a great many poisons by smell and could also detect a person's moods (by smelling changes in body chemistry).

Rish and her other odd-siblings (so called because they were based on the Baronne's DNA only) were raised side-by-side with their even-siblings (children of both the Baronne and her husband). They were conditioned for basic loyalty, but further conditioning was halted after a take-over scare when Rish was fifteen, because the Baronne did not want her Jewels to suffer if anything unfortunate should happen to her. Rish was the second-youngest of the Jewels.

Rish was particularly close to Tej and used to babysit her. When House Prestene overran House Cordonah, the two young women evacuated together via the Hegen Hub and Komarr, hoping to reach Escobar and their brother Amiri. However, kidnappers working ultimately for Prestene interfered with their plans and caused them to lose their bodyguard and exhaust their resources.

Rish and Tej were running out of places to hide in Solstice Dome when Byerly Vorrutyer, an undercover ImpSec agent trailing a Vor Lord suspected of serious crimes and perhaps treason, discovered that his suspects' off-world contacts had a vendetta against the girls. To protect them, he enlisted Ivan Vorpatril to rescue them from their would-be captors. Rish and Tej accompanied Ivan to Barrayar; over time, Rish and Byerly developed a relationship; when the family, apart from Tej, left for Jackson's Whole, Byerly accompanied them.


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