"Miles tossed down his handy-dandy rappelling harness—he shuddered, recalling that he'd almost decided not to include it when he'd been kitting up back in the Triumph—and braced the spool."
―Handy tools[src]

Rappelling down walls and cliffs was done with a harness and a drop-wire spool. A gravitic grappler at one end of the spool would be attached to a suitable location at the top. A touch control told the spool to telescope out handles and to release a ribbon-harness that was threaded around one's middle and clipped tight. Another control, used when one was at the bottom, commanded the grappler to release.[1]

The whole set of equipment packed small enough to fit into a person's pocket. It was standard issue with Dendarii half-armor.[2]

Notes and referencesEdit

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