When the Quaddies were created as part of the Cay Project, they were well-supplied with quality literature. In particular, their children's tales included the following:

  • The Little Compressor That Could
  • Bobby BX-99 Solves the Excess Humidity Mystery
  • Bobby BX-99 and the Plant Virus

They were also taught music, including such great classics as "Roy G. Biv, Roy G. Biv, he's the color quaddie that the spectrum gives..."

As a result of the limited scope of their teaching, they avidly watched/read smuggled-in stories like:

  • "The Prisoner of Zenda"
  • Stories from the Ninja of the Twin Stars collection, including:
    • "Nest of Doom"
    • "The Nest's Revenge"
  • Tales from Rainbow Illustrated Romances, by Valeria Virga:
    • "Sir Randan's Folly"
    • "Love in the Gazebo"
    • "Sir Randan and the Bartered Bride"


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