"When the late Crown Prince Serg called Count Vortala a phoney progressive, it wasn't altogether nonsense. Insults that sting always have some truth in them. Count Vortala has been trying to form his progressive party in the upper classes only. Among the people who matter, as he would say."
―Aral, on Vortala's Progressive party[src]
The Progressive Party was a political faction on the planet Barrayar and among its Council of Counts and Vor class. It was founded by Count Vortala, during the reign of Emperor Ezar, and transformed by Aral Vorkosigan into a party that represented proles as much as it did Vor. Supported by Emperor Gregor Vorbarra and liberal-minded Vor like Miles Vorkosigan, the Progressives advocated that Barrayaran society should adopt ideas and values from the larger galactic, interstellar society.

While earlier books primarily focused on the Centrist Coalition, of which the Progressive Party was a major part, later books, particularly A Civil Campaign gave the impression that things had moved towards a two party system, the Progressives and the Conservatives. Unlike the Conservative Party of that time, the Progressives had no identified leader, though Miles Vorkosigan played a prominent role in the party.  

Known Members of the Progressive PartyEdit


Most books have some mention of the party, but the following ones are particularly useful:

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