Pierre Vorrutyer was Count Vorrutyer and head of House Vorrutyer during and after the Time of Isolation. He was nicknamed Le Sanguinaire (literally: the bloody).

His eldest daughter married Piotr Pierre Vorkosigan's father.

He was the right-hand man/thug to Dorca Vorbarra, and helped in the centralization of Imperial power. He was killed during the First Cetagandan War.

"The place had been restored with an eye to defense by the great general Count Pierre "Le Sanguinaire" Vorrutyer himself, who was principally famous as Emperor Dorca's trusted right arm/head thug in the civil war that had broken the power of the independent Counts just before the end of the Time of Isolation. Pierre had made serious enemies, all of whom he had survived into a foul-tongued old age. It had taken the invading Cetagandans and all their techno-weaponry to finally put an end to him, with great difficulty, after an infamous and costly siege—not of this place, of course."
Ivan doing a bit of historical reminiscence upon entering Vorrutyer House[src]


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