"The haut Pel Navarr, Consort of Eta Ceta, was perhaps the number-two woman in the strange secret hierarchy of the Star Crèche, after the Empress, haut Rian Degtiar herself. In appearance, she was unchanged from when Miles had first met her a decade ago, except perhaps for her hairstyle. Her immensely long, honey-blond hair was gathered today into a dozen braids, hanging from a level running around the back of her head from one ear to the other, their decorated ends swinging around her ankles along with her skirt hem and draperies. Miles wondered if the unsettling, faintly Medusa-like effect was intended. Her skin was still pale and perfect, but she could not, even for an instant, be mistaken for young. Too much calm, too much control, too much cool irony."
―Pel, in Diplomatic Immunity[src]

The Haut Pel Navarr, the Consort of Eta Ceta, was a major player in the Cetagandan "steering committee" for the Star Creche, the group of haut women who had the duty of creating the haut race.

She was known for her lack of allegiance to the proprieties; she enjoyed hang-gliding in her haut-woman bubble and traveled to other planets from time to time. She assisted Miles Vorkosigan in the retrieval of the Great Key by impersonating the haut Vio d'Chilian to reach the governor Ilsum Kety's ship.


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