"Captain Lord Vorpatril's parade red-and-blues set off his dark-haired good looks to perfection. Lady Vorpatril barely outshone him in a carnelian dress with matching roses woven into her cloud of black hair, stunning against her velvety white skin. They made, Cordelia thought, an archetypal Vor couple, sophisticated and serene, the effect only slightly spoiled by the gradual awareness from his disjointed conversation that Captain Vorpatril was drunk."
―Padma Vorpatril at the Emperor's Birthday celebration[src]

Padma Xav Vorpatril was a member of House Vorpatril and a Captain in the Barrayaran Imperial Service.


He was the son of Sonia Vorbarra Vorpatril and the grandson of Xav Vorbarra, but when he was a year old, his parents were killed in Yuri's Massacre. Upon reaching adulthood, he went into the Imperial Service, where he served on ship duty, achieving the rank of Captain. He then married Alys Vorpatril and was the father of Ivan Vorpatril.

He was the first cousin of Aral Vorkosigan; their mothers were sisters. When Aral Vorkosigan became the Lord Regent, Padma was assigned to be on his staff.

He was killed in the caravanserai in Vorbarr Sultana during Vordarian's Pretendership on the same day that his son was born.

Personality and traitsEdit

In general, Padma came across as something of a mature version of his son, Ivan Vorpatril: Easy-going, surprisingly insightful at times, and sometimes not sober.


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