"The lieutenant produced a set of handcuffs and proceeded to attach Miles to the big sergeant. Overholt, read the name on the man's badge, which Miles mentally redubbed Overkill. He had only to lift his arm to dangle Miles like a kitten."
―Miles meets the Sergeant[src]

Sergeant Overholt was a Barrayaran Imperial Security guard.

His first task involving Miles Vorkosigan was to transport him from Kyril Island to ImpSec Headquarters for questioning. Next Overholt served undercover as Miles's bodyguard (Miles took to thinking of him as Sergeant-Nanny at that time), then as Captain Ungari's assistant (which led to him being locked up in the Triumph's brig alongside Ungari, Metzov, and Oser), and then as Emperor Gregor's personal bodyguard.


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