The Oseran Free Mercenary Fleet was created by Yuan Oser. They were a free coalition of mercenaries that specialized in wormhole blockades. Most captains owned their own ships and could leave the fleet by simply going away whenever they chose to do so.

They were taken over by Miles Vorkosigan, who was travelling under the name Miles Naismith, and renamed to the Dendarii Free Mercenary Fleet. After a few years of absence by Miles, Yuan Oser took them back over and renamed them to their original name of Oseran Free Mercenary Fleet. Miles corrected this problem during the Cetagandan Invasion of Vervain.


  • Admiral Yuan Oser - of Peregrine
  • Captain Auson - of Ariel, later Dendarii mercenary
  • Medtech Cela - of Ariel, later Dendarii mercenary
  • Lieutenant Bel Thorne - of Ariel, later Captain and a Dendarii mercenary
  • Sergeant Clive Chodak - of Triumph, later Dendarii mercenary
  • Sergeant Collins - of Ariel
  • Deveraux - of Ariel
  • Engineering Tech Kat - of Ariel
  • Kim - of Ariel
  • Lieutenant Lake
  • Engineering Tech Mynova - of Ariel
  • Elli Quinn - of Ariel, eventually Admiral of Dendarii fleet
  • Captain Ky Tung - of Triumph, later Commodore and a Dendarii mercenary


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