"It could only have been addressed to somewhere that Medic Norwood knew. Someplace he could remember, even when he was surrounded and cut off and under fire."
―Admiral Naismith's cryochamber[src]

Medic Norwood was a Dendarii Free Mercenary Fleet Green Squad medic with cryotraining from the Beauchene Life Center on Escobar. While he was getting that training, he met and became friends with Rowan Durona, a fellow student.

When Mark Vorkosigan stole the Ariel to raid House Bharaputra's clone crèche, he took Green Squad with him. The raid went badly, and Miles Vorkosigan came to his rescue, bringing a portable cryochamber for trooper Philippi. Miles was shot in the chest with a needle-grenade, so the Dendarii swapped his body for Philippi's in the chamber. Norwood was given the job of escorting the chamber back to the drop-shuttle for the return to their fleet. He was cut off, and decided to ship it to Rowan Durona so it would get out safely even if he didn't. Soon after, he was killed by a Bharaputran sniper.

Behind the scenesEdit

Norwood is one of several Bujold characters who were named after fans.


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