"An amphibian fully half a meter long pushed through this underwater jungle to stare at Ethan through its beady eyes. Its skin was black and shiny as patent leather, striped in scarlet."
―Ethan sees newts[src]

Newts were a vital part of the ecology of Kline Station. Oxygen on the station was produced by specially bio-engineered algae that was kept under control by being eaten by newts. Periodically the newts would be culled and transformed into any of many kinds of food for people: Premium Fresh Frog Legs, fried newt legs, cream of newt soup, newt creole, newt's 'n chips, newt provencal, newt stew, newt mousse in aspic, slither goulash, newt chowder, and much more.

Kline Stationers generally preferred to eat them after they were sent through the protein vats and turned into other flavors of vat meat.


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