"The pyramids are their cryo-storage facilities. NewEgypt has found that patrons will pay a premium for the more limited luxury space on the upper levels."
―Extra-fancy storage for the cryofrozen[src]

NewEgypt was a cryocorp on Kibou-daini. They were the first discoverers of the problem of older stored patrons being unrevivable due to defective cryo-fluid. Since these patrons would cease to be votes for the corporation as soon as this were discovered, the heads of the cryocorp reasoned that it would be cleverest to quickly unload all their unreviveable patrons onto other companies first; thus, they cooked up the notion of "commodified contracts" in which they traded their "dud dead" for patrons from their competitors.

It was this practice that led one of their employees to go to Lisa Sato's cryorights activist group with the news; NewEgypt prevented the knowledge from becoming public by starting a riot and then cryofreezing or killing the leaders of her group.

Employees of NewEgyptEdit


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