"So was Kety stringing Naru along, or were they near-equal co-plotters? Equals, Miles decided. This is the most dangerous man in the room, maybe even on the ship."
―Miles' meeting with Naru[src]

Ghem-general Naru, third in command of Cetagandan Imperial Security, was the right-hand man to haut-governor Ilsum Kety in the plot surrounding the Great Key of the Star Creche. He was deeply offended by the haut-lady privilege of force bubbles, believing (correctly) that it was a serious security flaw.

He provided Kety with high-level information concerning:

  • The layout of vid monitoring of the Celestial Lady's bier.
  • Detailed information about the keying of personal haut-lady bubbles sufficient for himself and Kety to be able to find accidental genetic matches.
  • Sufficient reverse-engineering people and skills to try to reverse-engineer the Great Key's information.

He also tried to ensure that the investigation into the ba Lura's death would be short and would return a verdict of suicide rather than murder. Ghem-colonel Benin arrested him and Ilsum Kety aboard Kety's ship, ending the plot.


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