"Morozov was a pale scholar-soldier with a square, bony face, and an unusually cheerful outlook on life and his work."
―Ivan visits Captain Morozov[src]

Captain Morozov was Barrayar's top Galactic Affairs analyst for Jackson's Whole at ImpSec Komarr and a top trainer of interrogators.

He helped Ivan Vorpatril to identify the mysterious Rish as one of Baronne Cordonah's famous living Jewels, having been given no information beyond the fact that she was blue in coloration: "Morozov smiled like a particularly satisfied stage magician. Ivan had to admit, that was one hell of a rabbit".

He later interrogated Rish and Tej in a very relaxed, conversational fashion, including a gratifyingly substantial lunch and several rounds of a Jacksonian game known as Great House. Despite losing five rounds straight, he learned a lot about Tej, Rish, and their family from the game. "Who won? Ivan suddenly realised, could be a question with more than one answer."


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