"Miles felt Moglia being lifted off his feet. The knife clattered to the pavement. Miles sprang away, staggering. Taura held Moglia by his neck, her claws biting deep. 'I still want to rip his head off,' she growled petulantly, remembrance of abuse sparking in her eyes."
―Taura and Moglia did not get along well[src]

Moglia was Chief of Security for Ryoval's Biologicals Facility on Jackson's Whole. When Miles Vorkosigan went in search of Bharaputra's super-soldier, he interrogated Moglia via fast-penta and learned that the individual was being kept in the subbasement. Unfortunately, he was captured and Moglia was given an antagonist to the truth drug. Moglia got revenge by pushing Miles down through an access hatch to the subbasement and calling for "Nine" to come get dinner.

It is very unlikely that Moglia remained the Chief of Security after Baron Ryoval learned of the actions taken by Miles and Nine/Taura - or for that matter alive.


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