"She shared Jin’s brown eyes and tousled mop of black hair, but she was taller and less chubby than he remembered from fourteen months ago. Then, she hadn’t even started school yet—now she was in her second year. She seemed less . . . bewildered-looking, somehow."
―Mina Sato, 6 years old[src]

Minako (Mina) Sato was Jin Sato's younger sister, daughter to the Kibou-daini cryo-rights activist Lisa Sato. When Jin was collected by Kibou-daini security and returned to his aunt and uncle's home where she was staying, Mina offered to help him escape again so long as he took her with him this time. The two of them ended up at the Barrayaran consulate, where Miles Vorkosigan took up the task of getting their mother revived and restoring their family.


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