"Listening is the invisible conversational coup. I feel quite smug.... The haut topic at this party is each other's poetry, which they are slicing up along strict lines of dominance. By some coincidence everyone is agreeing that the men of higher rank had the better offerings."
―Mia Maz[src]

Mia Maz was a Vervani woman who works in their Embassy on Eta Ceta. She had considerable specialized knowledge in women's etiquette and served in their postion of assistant chief of protocol. She provided extremely useful tutoring to Miles Vorkosigan and Ivan Vorpatril when they visited Eta Ceta on the occasion of the death of the old Empress.

"Ooh, I adore competent women. Do you have a younger sister, milady Maz?"
―Thinking to himself, Miles is duly impressed by Mia[src]

By the end of their visit to Eta Ceta, she had agreed to marry the Barrayaran ambassador, Lord Vorob'yev.


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