"Behind Ekaterin, the Viceroy of Sergyar stared down at the Lord Guardian, tapped his index finger suggestively against the side of his nose, and made a small two-fingered sweeping gesture taking in Richars below: No; let him hang himself."
―Aral Vorkosigan decides what order in the court is[src]

The Lord Guardian of The (Speaker's) Circle was a Barrayaran political position, whose job duties included maintaining order within the Council of Counts during sessions and meetings. Primarily, he made sure the correct person spoke at the correct time. To get peoples' attention, he had a cavalry lance decorated with Vorbarra colors that he would bang on the wooden panel on the floor.

The Lord Guardian did not vote but likely had a powerful position, because he regulated discussion during meetings of the Council.

At the time of Barrayar, the Lord Guardian was named Georgos. In The Warrior's Apprentice and in A Civil Campaign, the man took commands from Aral Vorkosigan, either by winding down in response to a direct stare or to obeying hand-signals. He also conferred with Emperor Gregor from time to time.


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