"Since the Count-my-Grandfather's day there's been a string of fellows who work out of the Count's Office in Hassadar, in charge of scientifically terraforming and stocking the District's waters, so it's back to being safe to drink and the fish are genetically improved. Lake trout, bass, freshwater salmon . . . there's some good stuff down there."
―Miles on the recent history of the lake[src]

The Long Lake was a large freshwater lake in the Vorkosigan's District on Barrayar; the village of Vorkosigan Surleau was on the eastern edge of the lake, with cliffs behind it. A ruined fortress was above the village on the cliffs.

The vacation home of the Vorkosigans was to the north of the village, set back a bit, and past three other large properties set along the lake at the time of Shards of Honor. Many more homes surrounded the lake by the time of Memory.

Boating, swimming, and fishing were popular activities. The lake had a 200-meter deep section, which was where Piotr Vorkosigan sent the lightflyer that had carried Negri and Gregor to his home at the official outbreak of Vordarian's Pretendership. Miles and Simon Illyan found the lake's piscine population far too cunning for normal fishing techniques.


Quite a few books mention the Long Lake. Particularly nice mentions can be found in:

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