"London was so filled up, a cramped jigsaw of juxtaposed eras, with Londoners stubbornly hanging on to bits of their past; there was even a committee to save the singularly ugly disintegrating remnants of the late twentieth century."
―London as seen by Miles Vorkosigan[src]

London was a city on Earth located in the same place that London is located in Real Life.

It was a space-port city with a population of several million[1], and was protected from the sea by a collection of dikes and locks called the Thames Tidal Barrier[2]. The city was ruled by the "Lord Mayor of London,"[3] and most of the galactic embassies on Earth were located in various parts of London.[3]

Architecturally it was a tremendous mish-mash of time periods covering nearly two millenia:

  • A very old section of town had restored 22nd century buildings, including a wineshop that a group of Dendarii mercenaries holed up in for a time.[4]
  • A building boom in the 23rd century domed half the city and sent the Thames river underground.[5]
  • The London Municipal Assizes was two centuries old.
  • Some time before two centuries before Miles Vorkosigan there had been bombings and fires associated with the Fifth Civil Disturbance.[6]

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