"Andy was tethered to Mama Nilla, weeping miserably. Mama Nilla was desperately trying to pacify him with a squeeze bottle of formula with one hand while holding a reddening gauze pad to the forehead of a crying five-year-old with the other. Two or three more clung for comfort to her legs as she tried to verbally direct the efforts of a sixth to help a seventh who had torn open a package of protein chips too wide and accidentally allowed the contents to spill into the air. Through it all her calm familiar drawl was only slightly more compressed than usual, until she saw Claire approaching. "Oh, dear," she said in a weak voice."
―Mama Nilla just before she joined the quaddies' flight.[src]

Liz Villanova was the most popular of the youngest quaddies' caretakers. A large, naturally calm, elderly woman, she kept the child-care department running during the quaddies' flight from GalacTech.


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