The following is a list of Ranks and Titles seen in the Vorkosigan Saga.

Military and police ranksEdit

Non-commissioned officer ranksEdit

  • Private - the lowest military rank; this is army rather than navy
  • Corporal - an army-style rank above private.
  • Sergeant- an army-style rank above corporal.
  • Master Sergeant - a high level of sergeant.
  • Yeoman - a navy-style rank

Officer ranksEdit

Other ranks/titles/roles associated with military or policeEdit

Political ranks not particular to a planet or civilizationEdit

Barrayaran titles and ranksEdit

Cetagandan titlesEdit

Komarran titlesEdit

Less-specific descriptions (sometimes impolite)Edit

Other titlesEdit

  • Baron - ruler of a Jacksonian house; the name is Baron {house name} rather than Baron {personal name}
  • Baronne - wife of a Jacksonian Baron
  • Parole Officer - Escobar's parole officers were known on at least one occasion to chase fugitives even if they'd fled to Barrayar.
  • Baba - ruler of Lairouba