Lisbet Degtiar was a one-time Empress of the Cetagandan Empire, a member of its haut class, and supervisor of the Star Creche. She was the mother of Fletchir Giaja, the Emperor of Cetaganda (or more precisely, she designed him; using her own genome and that of the previous emperor along with whatever modifications seemed good to her). Against her son's wishes, she hatched a plot to subdivide the Cetagandan Empire into eight competing mini-empires, for the biologic good of the haut. The plot was put into action after the Empress' death by her Handmaiden Rian Degtiar and the Ba Lura but subverted by a haut-governor and then abandoned by the ladies of the Star Creche during the events of Cetaganda.

Later, a nameless ba attempted to carry out her vision with its own twisted interpretation, stealing a thousand haut embryos to start its own empire, with itself as Emperor/Empress. haut-lady Pel mused with some annoyance that Lisbet was too motherly towards her ba servitors, treating them almost as children.[1]

She was fond of using archaic metaphors, such as "that genetic engineering could only sow, that winnowing and reaping must still be done in an arena of competition."


Notes and referencesEdit

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