A shrunken woman sat in a wide chair, and watched him approach her through dark eyes set in a face of old ivory. She wore a high-necked black silk tunic and loose trousers. Her hair was pure white, and very long; a slim girl, most literally twin to the boy, was brushing it over the back of the chair, in long, long strokes. The room was very warm. Regarding her regarding him, he wondered how he could ever have thought that worried old woman with the cane might be Lilly. Hundred-year-old eyes looked at you differently - Mirror Dance

Lilly Durona was created almost 100 years before the events of Mirror Dance by the founder of House Ryoval, who wanted a medical researcher of his very own for the building up of his House, which was dedicated to the creation of slaves "to order."

When his son Ry Ryoval took over the management of the House, Lilly found herself no longer a prized treasure but a commodity. Ordered to cooperate or become one of the slaves of the House, dedicated to satisfying customers' sexual fantasies, she instead decided to flee together with a younger half-brother of Ry's named Georish Stauber. They fled to House Fell together; Lilly was Georish's ticket in. She was given considerable autonomy as part of the Deal for her joining the House. Over the years, Lilly cloned herself again and again, producing the Durona Group.

Note: Her name is given as Lily instead of Lilly in Cryoburn and in Captain Vorpatril's Alliance.


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