Lieutenant was a rank widely used in Nexus military organizations. Lieutenants were low to mid-ranking commissioned officers.

In space fleets, lieutenants were junior to mid-ranking command and support personnel, ranking under flag officers, captains, commanders, and lieutenant commanders. They ranked above ensigns and enlisted personnel. The rank was more junior in ground forces.

Barrayaran ImperiumEdit

In the Barrayaran Imperial Service the rank of lieutenant was indicated by red tabs. A minority of ensigns were promoted to lieutenant after a year of service; it took longer for most. While there were intermediate ranks of lieutenant commander and commander in the space forces, it was not unusual for a lieutenant to be promoted directly to captain after approximately ten years as an officer. Lieutenants could linger in grade without being promoted for a very long time, even as many as twenty years.

Socially, the strict relationship between Vors and military could generate the awkward situation nicknamed "Lieutenant Lord Vor-I'm-God's-Gift-to-Women"[1]

Barrayaran LieutenantsEdit

In Women's Auxilliary

Beta ColonyEdit

Cetagandan EmpireEdit

Ghem-Lieutenant was a junior officer rank in the Cetagandan military.

Dendarii and Oseran Free Mercenary FleetsEdit

Lieutenants in the Dendarii Mercenaries could serve as seconds in command of small warships, as well as in support roles such as communications officer and fleet accountant; the rank for the Oseran Mercenaries was similar.

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