"Prior to Ezar one had to go back almost two hundred years, to the marriage of Vlad Vorbarra le Savante and Lady Vorlightly, in the most gaudily archaic period of the Time of Isolation."
―Lady Vorlightly's marriage to Emperor Vlad Vorbarra[src]

Lady Vorlightly, the only person in the Vorkosigan Saga by the name Vorlightly, lived about 100 years before the end of the Barrayaran Time of Isolation. Her marriage to reigning emperor Vlad Vorbarra was the most recent example of how an emperor should marry, and thus served as the nearest approximation to a template for how Gregor Vorbarra was to go about marrying Laisa Toscane.

As the details included the two of them stripping "to the buff", Laisa was unenthusiastic about imitating too many of them. A compromise in which she and Emperor Gregor both got physical exams with opposite family members present was worked out as an alternative.


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