"What's wrong, Korabik? You're no Minister's lickspittle."
―Aral Vorkosigan[src]

Korabik Gottyan was a member of the Barrayaran Imperial Service who was killed during the Invasion of Escobar.


"Damn you. Haven't you ever been out-maneuvered?"
"If I had I wouldn't be here.
―Korabik Gottyan and Aral Vorkosigan, after Naismith shot him[src]

Gottyan was Aral Vorkosigan's trusted second-in-command and close friend assigned to the General Vorkraft. During the Vorkraft's mission on Sergyar, treacherous political officer Radnov conspired to mutiny by attacking Vorkosigan when he encountered Cordelia Naismith's Betan Astronomical Survey team. Radnov used Konstantine Bothari as his hatchet-man, but misjudged Bothari's character when he kept Vorkosigan alive.

Bothari reported his actions to Gottyan. Gottyan, sensing an opportunity to advance in rank, imprisoned Bothari and awaited Vorkosigan's return. When Vorkosigan returned, Gottyan explained his intentions and was about to kill Vorkosigan with his nerve disruptor, but was shot by a hidden Naismith with stunner fire before he pulled the trigger. Gottyan was tied up by the pair, but later, Vorkosigan confronted Gottyan with a plasma arc. Vorkosigan handed him the weapon, and sat on a rock facing away from Gottyan, telling him he wouldn't be able to function having to constantly watch his own back, and gave the subordinate a chance for an instant promotion. After fifteen minutes, Gottyan wordlessly handed the weapon back to him, choosing loyalty over opportunity.

Escobaran InvasionEdit

Gottyan was given his captaincy and ship command of the General Vorkraft during the ill-fated Invasion of Escobar, but was killed when his ship was destroyed by the latest Escobaran weapon, the plasma mirror.


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