"Almost every Komarran did [invest in fleet shares], at least in a small way; she'd heard one Barrayaran bureaucrat joke that it replaced the need for most other sorts of gambling in the Komarran state."
―Ekaterin meditates on Fleet Shares[src]

Komarran Fleet Shares referred to an investment/gambling activity that most Komarrans took part in, hoping to win fabulous fortunes, or at least to get ahead financially.

The basic idea was to purchase shares in a trade fleet, then to hope that they had an especially profitable journey around the Nexus. A few fleets, such as the Golden Voyage of Marat Galen, had returned spectacularly well; some others did less well. Tien Vorsoisson tried taking part in the game while he was on-planet; his fleet suffered a major wormhole accident and returned a loss of four to one.


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