Komarran Affairs was a department of Barrayaran Imperial Security that was responsible for tracking treason plots and anti-government activity on the conquered world of Komarr, and in general for guarding the Barrayaran Imperium from Komarran threats.[1] It ran the local Imperial Security Headquarters on Komarr,[2] although the Head of Komarran Affairs and numerous Komarran Affairs analysts worked at Imperial Security Headquarters in Vorbarr Sultana on Barrayar.[3]

The Head of Komarran Affairs and his subordinate, the Chief of Imperial Security - Komarr were both general staff officers.[2] The posting of Head of Komarran Affairs was held by General Diamant when the Komarran plot to substitute Mark Vorkosigan for his brother Miles Vorkosigan was first discovered. After Diamant retired, the position was held by General Guy Allegre, who had previously been the senior department officer on Komarr. When Allegre succeeded to the rank of Chief of Imperial Security, Commodore Duv Galeni became Head of Komarran Affairs.[4][5]

General Rathjens was the Chief of Imperial Security - Komarr when the Komarran soletta array was accidentally destroyed by terrorists working out of the Serifosa Dome branch of the Komarr Terraforming Project. One of Rathjens's subordinates was Captain Tuomonen. Colonel Gibbs also worked in Komarr's Imperial Security Headquarters, which was also known as ImpSec Komarr HQ or Solstice HQ.[6]

Known heads of Komarran AffairsEdit

Notes and referencesEdit

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