"He was flanked by his aide, a tall blond lieutenant named Jole. Miles had met Jole on his last home leave. Now, there was a perfect officer, brave and brilliant—he'd served in space, been decorated for some courage and quick thinking during a horrendous on-board accident, been rotated through HQ while recovering from his injuries, and promptly been snabbled up as his military secretary by the Prime Minister, who had a sharp eye for hot new talent. Jaw-dropping gorgeous, to boot, he ought to be making recruiting vids."
―Miles envies Jole[src]

Oliver Perrin Jole was an officer in the Barrayaran Imperial Service. As a Lieutenant, he served as Aral Vorkosigan's military secretary. Later, he served as Commodore and as an Admiral on Sergyar, commanding the Sergyaran Fleet. He was one of the pallbearers at Aral's funeral, and later revealed to have been Aral's lover.


Born and raised in a far-western rural district, he left at a young age to enter the Barrayaran Imperial Military. He did not miss his old home.

Personality and traitsEdit

Jole was meticulous and detail-oriented. Extremely good looking, he collected passes from males and females both, as well as from a Betan hermaphrodite with whom he had a short-term relationship, named Bel Thorne.


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