"A jeeves is a Jacksonian slang term for an obligate-loyal servant or slave. Made variously, either by psychological conditioning or genetic bias or both, and unswervingly devoted to their object of attachment. They’re said to pine if they are separated from their master or mistress, and sometimes even die if he or she dies."
―Captain Morozov explains jeeveses to Ivan[src]

A jeeves was a Jacksonian term that referred to a person who'd been given treatments to ensure their loyalty to another. This was particularly commonly done with bodyguards and others who worked directly for and with Barons.

Outside Jackson's Whole, the ba from the Celestial Garden in the Cetagandan Empire were very likely similarly (if much more elegantly) conditioned.

Behind the scenesEdit

Jeeves is the name of the butler in the Bertie Wooster and Jeeves tales by P. G. Wodehouse.

References Edit

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