"J-9-X-Ceta-G was—my sister, if you will," said Cee at last. His inward gaze did not meet Ethan's eyes. "Although we shared few genes besides those for the pineal receptor organ. She was the only other survivor among Jahar's early creations. Or perhaps she was my wife. I'm not sure if Jahar intended her from the beginning as a co-progenitor of his new model human, or if she was merely an experimental trifle—he encouraged sex between us, as we grew older—but she was never trained as an intelligence agent."
―Janine's role[src]

Janine, J-9-X-Ceta-G, was a semi-sister, semi-wife to Terrence Cee, and was part of the same mental telepathy experiment that Terrence had been. She was killed by Captain Rau shortly after their escape; Terrence tried to have her revived, only to learn that he would never get her back.

Terrence had Athos's order of ovaries modified in two ways: he had a culture from Janine added to the set, and he added her version of the telepathy complex to every one of the others.


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