"The corner of Madame Minchenko's mouth twisted up in a half-smile. 'There's nothing synthetic in what I do. I'm a registered historian-performer. I keep old skills alive—think of me as a live museum exhibit, somewhat in need of dusting—only a few spider webs clinging to my elbow. . . .' She unlatched her case and opened it to Silver's inspection. Burnished reddish wood, satin-smooth, caught and played back the colored lights of the pilot's compartment. Madame Minchenko lifted the instrument and tucked it under her chin. 'It's a violin.'"
―Madame Minchenko explains herself to Silver[src]

Ivy Minchenko, also called Madame Minchenko, was the wife of Dr. Warren Minchenko, one of the two creators of the quaddies. When Dr. Minchenko agreed to flee with them and Leo Graf, he added the condition that she be brought along as well. Silver and Ti Gulik rode a shuttle down to Rodeo with Dr. Minchenko to collect her and Tony.

Quaddie tributeEdit

Madame Minchenko had skill and training in ancient musical instruments; it would appear that she taught the quaddies her skills, as they named their ballet stadium for her, the Minchenko Auditorium.


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