House Vorkosigan began with the creation of the first Count Vorkosigan. They were in charge of Vorkosigan's District. Their house livery colors were brown and silver. The livery emblem was a leaf-and-mountain design (as seen on the Wiki's page header.)

House Livery detailsEdit

  • Standard uniform: Brown tunic with family crest embroidered in silver thread on a high collar, shoulders, and sleeves, with silver-embroidered cuffs. Brown trousers had silver side piping. A white silk shirt, and silver-embroidered suspenders with the trousers. Tall, dark brown riding boots.[1][2]
  • Dress uniform: A particularly glittery version of the standard uniform.[3]
  • House mourning: Black cloth with logos and rank decorations stitched in black silk. Tall, dark brown riding boots were worn with the uniform.[4]

Official residencesEdit

Counts VorkosiganEdit

Countesses VorkosiganEdit

Other members of House VorkosiganEdit

Notes and referencesEdit

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