House Vorbretten began with the creation of the first Count Vorbretten. They were in charge of the Vorbretten's District. Their house livery colors were dark green and bittersweet orange. 

Official ResidencesEdit

  • Vorbretten House (Vorbarr Sultana), the official Planetary Capitol Residence.
  • Vorbretten House (Vorbretten District), the official District Capitol Residence. 

Counts VorbrettenEdit

Countesses VorbrettenEdit

  • The sixth Countess Vorbretten (unnamed) slept with a Cetagandan ghem officer during the Cetagandan Occupation. This officer, not the sixth Count Vorbretten, was thus the father of the seventh Count Vorbretten, and René Vorbretten's great-grandfather.

Other Members of House VorbrettenEdit

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