House Vorbarra was the Imperial House of Barrayar and was the Vorbarra Countship line. It was in charge of Vorbarra's District, of which the capital city was Vorbarr Sultana, which was also the planetary capital. Their house livery colors were black and silver[1]

The head of House Vorbarra, Count Vorbarra,was also the Emperor of Barrayar. Due to this, the Emperor both had a vote and the right to hear appeals in the Council of Counts. However, the Emperor often made a distinction of whether he was officiating in an Imperial capacity or as the head of House Vorbarra. Usually, the latter involved either his district matters or Barrayaran financial issues.

Counts VorbarraEdit

Countesses VorbarraEdit

Other members of House VorbarraEdit

Notes and referencesEdit

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