"No questions asked."
―House Fell's motto[src]

House Fell was one of the Jacksonian Houses on the planet Jackson's Whole. Their specialty was weapons, both legal and illegal. While a good fraction of their merchandise was Betan manufacture marked up, miliary poisons like peritaint and its antidote were produced in-house by the Durona Group. They also controlled the wormhole connecting Jackson's Whole to the Hegen Hub; the station at the wormhole end was called Jumpstation Five.

The newly-risen-to-power Baron as of "Labyrinth" was Georish Stauber, a younger half-brother to Ry Ryoval, Baron of House Ryoval. For a time afterwards, House Fell was in a state of vendetta with House Bharaputra and House Ryoval. The vendetta with House Bharaputra was mostly resolved by the end of Mirror Dance; House Ryoval ended up being subsumed by House Fell.

The Durona Group worked for House Fell until they escaped from Jackson's Whole to live on Escobar.

House Fell livery was green.

People associated with House FellEdit


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