"Rival planetary governments. Criminal organizations. Free mercenary fleets."
"House Bharaputra must have known," said Ethan.
Quinn smiled with half her mouth. "And they fit two categories out of the three, being both a government and a criminal organization.
―Ethan, Terrence, and Elli discuss who might have stolen Athos's shipment of ovarian cultures.[src]

House Bharaputra was one of the Jacksonian Houses on the planet Jackson's Whole with the status of a Great House. They specialized in genetic engineering, particularly clone-brain transplants. The head of the house, Baron Bharaputra, was named Vasa Luigi; he was married to a renegade Durona from House Fell named Lotus.[1]

The present status of House Bharaputra is uncertain after the events of Mirror Dance. At the very least Vasa Luigi has lost status and valuable assets.

Bharaputra behaviorEdit

  • Geneticists who wished to leave House Bharaputra tended to be "forcibly debriefed", causing them to have little to no memory of their time of employment.[2][3]
  • Bharaputra Laboratories were headquartered in a downside town that appeared to lack a middle class -- people either lived in guarded buildings or in neglected, aging, unguarded structures. The latter people were seen to slink around.[2]
  • The all-male Athos government acquired ovarian samples from Bharaputra because they gave the lowest bid for the merchandise.[4]
  • They appeared to have a side-venture in questionable banking, supplying loans to members of mercenary organizations, such as Captain Auson.[5]

In addition to their genetics and medical operations and financial ventures, House Bharaputra was one of the five Houses that controlled a wormhole jump point to and from Jackson's Whole, in this case one leading to Escobar[6]

People associated with House BharaputraEdit

Notes and referencesEdit

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