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"Look—as far as I'm concerned, Steady Freddy can put on falsies and go woo the hermaphrodite vote in Quartz."
―Cordelia's thoughts on playing politics[src]

Hermaphrodites were a genetically-altered subspecies of humans with both male and female organs, created approximately 200 years BMVK during the rush of experimentation brought on by the invention of the uterine replicator. Beta Colony had a population of hermaphrodites, most of whom lived in the community "Quartz". Hermaphrodites often prefer to be referred to by the gender-neutral "it" rather than "he", "him", "she", or "her".

Bel Thorne was probably the best-known hermphrodite in the Vorkosigan Saga.


Unlike like the ba, Betan have dual sex organs; the ba have no sex organs at all.


There exists speculation that hermaphrodites were created with an extra chromosome, called the Z chromosome. There is no textev for this beyond the fact that it is known that Cetagandan Haut and Ba have just such a system (mentioned in Diplomatic Immunity). No known authorial statements exist to confirm this belief, however.

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