"When those seventeen Escobaran uterine replicators first arrived at Imp Mil," said Henri, "sent from the war zone, I was frankly appalled. Why save those unwanted fetuses, and at such a cost? Why land them on my department? Since then I've become a believer, Milady. I've even thought of an application, spin-off technology, for burn patients. I'm working on it now, the project approval came down just a week ago."
―Dr Henri explains his ideas to Cordelia[src]

Doctor Henri was a Barrayaran Imperial Military Hospital doctor who led the project to study seventeen Escobaran uterine replicators, new technology to backwards Barrayarans.

He and Captain Vaagen led the effort to save Miles Vorkosigan from the aftereffects of the soltoxin antidote; he was killed in the capital during the fighting of Vordarian's Pretendership.


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