Countess Helga Vormuir was the wife of Count Tomas Vormuir. They had four children together.

Her husband, worried about the loss of population in his district, hit upon the radical solution using the discarded eggs of women who had chosen to use uterine replicators to have their children, and his own sperm to produce a large collection of (one hundred and eighteen) daughters. 

Barrayar's current gender imbalance and lack of laws controlling the use of discarded eggs made his plan seem feasible at first. This, understandably, angered the Countess, so that when the Count attempted to exercise his marital rights, she dumped a bucket of water on him (in the middle of the winter), and threatened to warm him with her plasma arc. The Countess then threw the bucket at the Count, striking him, while screaming that if he was so in love with plasic tubes, he could use that one.

The Countess was once friends with Lady Donna Vorrutyer, and they used to go target shooting together. This proved to be a useful connection, as with prompting from the newly-switched Dono, Helga reconciled with her husband, with the help of some Betan aphrodisiacs. This caused Count Vormuir, a Conservative Party member, to miss the vital vote that confirmed both Dono and René Vorbretten.


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