"The three figures resolved into a burly Station Security man and two ecotechs, one male, one female. One bony, angular female whose very walk —stalk — radiated all the personal warmth and charm of a hatchet."
―Helda at Millisor's quarters[src]

Ecotech F. Helda served as a top Biocontrol Warden for Kline Station. She hated Athos and Athosians with a passion ever since her son emigrated there specifically to ensure that she could never follow him.

When the Athosian shipment of ovarian cultures arrived at Kline Station, she stole the ovaries and replaced them with dead ones taken from people (and some cattle) who'd died on the station.

Ethan Urquhart discovered her role in the course of his experiences when he was sent to acquire a replacement collection of cultures; she lost her job and was given early retirement.


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