"Hassadar was a New City, heir of destroyed Vorkosigan Vashnoi; almost all its building had taken place after the end of the Time of Isolation, mostly in the last thirty years. Designed around newer methods of transportation than horse carts, it was spread out like a city on any other developed galactic world, accented by a few sky-piercing towers gleaming in the morning sun."
―Mark's first impression of Hassadar[src]

Hassadar was a low-land city in the Vorkosigan's District and the district capital. It was chosen to be the District Capital by Piotr Pierre Vorkosigan following the destruction of the former capital, Vorkosigan Vashnoi, by the Cetagandans during the First Cetagandan War. Vorkosigan Vashnoi was to the southeast, and, fortunately, downwind and downstream from Hassadar, which was just north of the Dendarii Mountains and several hundred kilometers south of Vorbarr Sultana.

Notable nativesEdit

Hassadar NotablesEdit

  • Vorkosigan House
  • Hassadar District Hospital
  • Hassadar Teacher's College
  • Hassadar Square
  • Hassadar District Fair, also called the District Agricultural Fair
  • Imperial Civil Security had some kind of outpost in Hassadar

Behind the scenesEdit

The author has stated that the city had a river passing through it and that this was not the same river as the one that passed through Vorbarr Sultana. See "Re: maps" for details.


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