"The Felicians were back, the captain, the paymaster, and what looked like most of the ship's officers, plus some kind of space marine commander Miles had not seen before. From the captain's deference to him in the doorway, Miles guessed he must be the ranking man. A senior colonel, perhaps, or a young general.... They shook hands, and were seated. Miles took the head of the table, by way of experiment. The Felician general seated himself earnestly and without demur on Miles's right."
―Miles's first meeting with General Halify[src]

General Halify was a Felician General from Tau Verde IV sent by his High Command to take command of the asteroid mining facility that Miles Vorkosigan and his Dendarii mercenaries had captured. He lost half his forces on the way to the installation, complicating his task.

He hired Miles and his as-yet-imaginary fleet to deal with the Oseran mercenaries using a budget that would only exist if Miles succeeded in his job.


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